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Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku 森林浴)

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."
-- Henry David Thoreau

Forest Bathing is at the core of what we do at The Backyard Bathers, and represents the foundational activity with which we design our experiences around. 

Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin Yoku 森林浴 in Japanese, is a mindful practice of simply being in nature and connecting with the natural surroundings through one's senses. It offers a perfect opportunity for one:

  • to disengage from the busyness, worries and stresses of daily life

  • to be present in the moment and take in nature's atmosphere through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch

  • to gain calmness, balance and focus in your body and mind

  • to reap numerous benefits of Forest Bathing on your physical and mental well-being

At our Forest Bathing session, you will be led on a slow, leisurely walk by a certified Shinrin Yoku guide through thoughtfully curated parts of a public garden or park, and be invited to partake in activities which encourages the mindful engagement of your senses. You may find yourself gazing at drifting clouds, listening out for bird songs, tasting raindrops falling from the sky, smelling blooming flowers and feeling the smoothness of leaves and roughness of branches. The session will wrap up over light refreshments of organic tea and nourishing bites, and simple reflections.


Duration: 2 hours

Fee: S$55 per person, per session

Check out our calendar of events​ for an upcoming scheduled session, or get in touch with us at​ to book a private session.

Experience Forest Bathing
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