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Nature Art

"The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration."
-- Claude Monet

The Backyard Bathers offers a unique Nature Art experience which weaves crafting and art journaling activities into a Forest Bathing session.​

In addition to various physiological and psychological benefits proven to be brought about by Forest Bathing, research has shown that spending time in nature enhances creativity and instils inspiration. Moreover, "beauty" has also been established as one of the common pathways to nature connection, where finding beauty in nature and creating something beautiful in and with nature, strengthens the bond we have with the natural world and deepens the sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. It is with these notions in mind, that The Backyard Bathers designed the Nature Art experience, as an extension of the mindful Shinrin Yoku practice and a safe space for expressing oneself within nature. 

The experience begins with a mindful walk to slow down and transition into the present. This is integrated with invitations to open your senses to the natural setting, notice details of its elements and bask in its wonder. As you ease into the comforting surroundings of nature and start to feel at home, you will be handed a humble kit of tools to facilitate rolling up your sleeves and get you initiated on a crafting or art journaling project. Our certified Shinrin Yoku guide and experienced Nature Art practitioner will be on hand (or on her bare feet to the ground!) to share some ideas and open the door to the world of Nature Art with you. The magic though, will be gifted by nature, through its gracious and bountiful offering of inspiration and raw materials for your project.

Duration: 3 hours

Fee: S$88 per person, per session

Please note that The Backyard Bathers adopts a zero- / low-impact, eco-conscious principle towards any activity undertaken during our sessions, including the Nature Art experience. 

Check out our calendar of events​ for an upcoming scheduled session, or get in touch with us at to book a private session.

Experienc Nature Art
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