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Nature Coaching

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
-- Albert Einstein

The Backyard Bathers Nature Coaching experience aims to deepen the connection one establishes with nature and oneself during Forest Bathing, and further explore aspects of emotions and meaning along the way, with a focus on enhancing emotional well-being.


It is conducted as a 1:1 session, and is suitable for individuals who find themselves:

  • Feeling burnt out or bogged down

  • Experiencing low sense of vitality, motivation, contentment

  • Seeking purpose, meaning, direction

  • Yearning for deeper interactions and dialogues

Whether it be brought about by general or specific circumstances.

This experience is designed on the premises, as supported by relevant studies and research, that:

  • Nature is a safe holding and healing space, where one generally feels a greater sense of calm, comfort and confidence, thereby making it a conducive setting for coaching sessions

  • Nature connectedness has been found to be more important than income and spending power, in determining one's perspective of meaning and worthiness of life

  • Nature serves as an abundant pool of knowledge and content that can be referenced and leveraged during coaching sessions for participation, projection and personal realisation

Each Nature Coaching session is held within a nature setting, comprises key components of a Forest Bathing practice, and additionally integrates activities and prompts for conversations tailored to go beyond the five senses into evoking and understanding one's thoughts and emotions. As this is a highly personal experience, The Backyard Bathers will work with each client to identify the intention, themes and areas of focus for the coaching session or programme. 

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: S$110 per session for a single session

  • Separate fee schedule available for Nature Coaching programme comprising multiple sessions

  • Option for trial session available - Upon completion of a trial single session, if you proceed to undertake a Nature Coaching programme, you will receive a 50% rebate for the trial session​

For a more enriching experience and more profound, long-lasting benefits, The Backyard Bathers recommend minimally a programme of 5 weekly Nature Coaching sessions.

Check out our calendar of events​ for an upcoming scheduled session, or get in touch with us at​ to book a private session.

Experience Nature Coaching
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