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The forest bathing sessions were truly time well-invested for my personal well-being. Kate's knowledge of forest bathing and its benefits enhanced the experience for me as more than just spending time in nature. I especially love the metaphor she shared about seeing nature as a friend.


I really enjoyed the well thought-out activities, which helped to inject context and meaning into the whole experience. The final activity in particular, was one of my favorites as it rounded up the forest bathing experience for me in an introspective and empowering way.


The locations were also great with wide biodiversity to keep first-timers engaged. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was so much more to nature once I mindfully engaged my five senses to receive what nature has to offer.


Thank you Kate, for the wonderful experience!



When I was first introduced to forest bathing, I did a little research and found out that it had got to do with connecting with nature. What I didn’t realised was that forest bathing was so much more. 


After experiencing forest bathing for myself, I was pleasantly surprised by how much my whole being benefited from it. My thoughts were clearer, I slept well and I could cope better with anxiety and stress from work. 


My guide, Kate, was amazing at making me feel calm and relax. Her voice was soothing and peaceful. We transited to every segment of forest bathing seamlessly. Truth be told, I felt like time stood still and it felt wonderful to enjoy the beautiful surrounding at my own pace - serene. For nearly 3 hours, I was one with the earth. 


All my senses were awaken. Did I mention that my favourite part was when my palate was treated to delectable delights?


It was a truly sense-sational experience.



I had an absolutely delightful experience, being totally encouraged and inspired to fully immerse in an unhurried  forest bathing session at the Botanic Gardens guided by Kate.


For a usually time starved person like me, it was such a luxurious treat. The focus was on connecting with nature in a comfortable manner which quietly brought out that childlike wonder, taking time to be captivated by the endless marvels of mother nature. I felt an amazing sense of fulfilment after the session.


Kate has a great passion and enthusiasm for forest bathing and its benefits. I also very much enjoyed sitting at a lovely spot at the gardens while she patiently explained in great detail the scientific benefits of forest bathing.  


I would highly recommend anyone who wants to add a dose of healthy and natural goodness into their lives to join Kate for an informative and thoroughly fulfilling guided session :)



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