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Here at The Backyard Bathers, we offer a range of experiences surrounding the themes of nature connection and holistic wellness. 

Our experiences are aimed at fostering and deepening one's connection to nature, as a way to nurture and boost the well-being of one's physical, emotional and mental states. Each of these encounters are mindfully designed and thoughtfully curated for:

  • City dwellers seeking to disconnect from busyness and take a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

  • Individuals undergoing feelings of restlessness and low energy, who are looking to gain physical balance and harmony. 

  • Individuals bearing senses of emptiness and discontentment, who are searching for clarity, motivation and deeper meaning. 

  • Couples, families and friends looking to spend quality time together and strengthen their bonds in a calm, nature setting.

  • Travellers and tourists in Singapore looking for an unconventional way to explore the island city-state.

If you are curious in what we do, but are unsure if our experiences are for you, drop us a line for an open discussion before any commitment is made. 


If you are interested in other types of nature-inspired experiences, or may have any ideas which you feel our expertise may complement, feel free to reach out for a discussion on how we may be able to serve or collaborate with you. 


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